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Real Wood Beams VS Foam Beams

Image of Sawmill Designs Faux Beams in stunning Home

Discover the Difference with Sawmill Designs Wood Beams

Here at Sawmill Design, we only use the highest quality white oak and authentically reclaimed barn board to construct beams that will stand the test of time in both durability and design.

Some beam products currently on the market are “Foam Beams.” We are often asked the difference between our beams and foam beams. 

1 – Our Beams are made of real wood, not plastic. Foam is essentially another word for Plastic, made from dense polyurethane foam. Foam Beams are made to look like real wood, however, if you look closely there is a clear difference between their plastic product and our wood product. 

2 – Foam beams can be toxic to the environment. Polyurethane is a known carcinogen. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), exposure to some of the main ingredients of polyurethane foam – isocyanates – can cause a range of negative health effects, including asthma, lung damage, and respiratory problems and damage and skin and eye irritation. ( On the other hand, our beams are made only of locally harvested wood – no carcinogens, no toxins.

3 – The finish on foam beams can also be toxic to your home environment. Sawmill Designs offers 3 – 0% VOC finish options that are environmentally friendly for our home. These hard wax oils are safe to breathe and safe to install.

Image of Plastic looking Foam Beam

Polyurethane Foam Beam

Image of Sawmill Design Faux Barn Beam

Sawmill Designs Reclaimed Wood Beam

Your Design Support Team is Ready to Help

Whether you are doing a full home renovation or a new build, our beams are superior in both structure and look. Sawmill Designs white oak ceiling beams are a solid investment in not only the value of your home but the value of your environment.

Sawmill Designs Inc, a division of Cochran’s Lumber, is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing our clients with distinctive reclaimed and new wood products for over 40 years. From box beams to barn doors, and reclaimed barn siding, each piece is handcrafted to meet the desire of each client.