Calculate Dimensions of Sawmill Designs Box Beams
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Calculate Dimensions of Sawmill Designs Box Beams

Image of reclaimed wood ceiling beams from Sawmill Designs

What should my ceiling beam dimensions be?

This is a question that is frequently asked by our customers. And while there is no right answer, we normally try to guide our customers by asking these questions.

How high are your ceilings?

The shorter the ceilings, the shorter the beam is a good rule to go by. Higher ceilings (9’ and above) can accommodate 6” x 6” beams and higher, while shorter ceiling heights (anything lower than 9’) normally look best with shallow beams.

image of brush arbor black oil beams

How far apart are you spreading them out?

This all depends on how large the room is that you will be installing the beams. The larger the room, the more accommodating ceiling beams are to space without making the room look small. Another good rule to go by is the closer the spacing, the smaller the beams. The longer the span, the larger the beams should be. 

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Can I do a beam design on my ceiling?

A cathedral ceiling is a great place to put a large center beam and smaller side beams. 

A cross beam design works beautifully in a large open foyer or master bedroom. 

Again, keep in mind that the larger the room, the more it can handle the beauty and depth of decorative beam patterns. 

Image of Reclaimed-Beams-Somerville

Design Support at Your Fingertips

Have more questions about beam dimensions? Chat with us or send us an email! We are always here to help you turn your house into a home.

Sawmill Designs Inc, a division of Cochran’s Lumber, is a family-owned and operated company that has been providing our clients with distinctive reclaimed and new wood products for over 40 years. From box beams to barn doors, and reclaimed barn siding, each piece is handcrafted to meet the desire of each client.